21 August 2012

...The Common Databend

As the autumn truck rolls with a devastatingly inexorable momentum into a town near you, it brings together - like Tango & Cash - two seemingly unmatchable miss-matches of datamoshing and the common cold and makes an unarguable link between the two; there's a lot of it about.

It's so common this common cold that they called it the common cold, so allow me to rename this so-called databending (the now common practice of dicking around with the underlying code of a visual file such as a JPG or MPEG and outputting it to get some sometimes Pretty Ugly random results) the common databend. Pedant note: it's also referred to as datamoshing or glitch art - or as I prefer, the common datamosh or the common glitch art.

My favourite common datamosh comes when the process is as untouched by the human hand as possible therefore removing any conscious 'artistic' influence and letting the aesthetic chips fall where they may. My common datamosh effort above was created by opening up Google Chrome to watch Jerry Seinfeld's latest project Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and hitting the exposĂ© button in OS X. When the window resized - et voilĂ ! Instant glitch art. Completely random and un-replicatable. Unique.

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