26 July 2010

...cultural baggage. Number 2: Seinfeld

I should explain. This van was in front of me on the M25 Dartford toll. What is that logo? I thought. It's certainly not a Self Drive company logo. It's a hangover from the eighties; proof on four wheels that design in the early nineties existed.

It's Seinfeld. It's definitely Seinfeld. Yellow, shaped background. Big blue typeface. A touch of red. Primary colours in all their sickly glory. Seinfeld.

Camera. Click. Drive. Tollbooth. Think. Drive. Barbecue. Drive. Ponder. Definitely Seinfeld. Drive. Tollbooth. Ruminate. Drive. Park. Upload.


It's not Seinfeld.

In comparison it's not. I admit.

But in my head it is. Everything about it signifies Seinfeld. Maybe it's because Newman's postal van - VAN - is a recurring feature in the sitcom? Maybe it's all the episodes of Jerry driving to bluescreen. I don't know. Maybe it's - sigh- What?

Is my reference point askew? Maybe I'm getting confused with some other early nineties pop culture logo? There were enough of them.

A few possibilities emerge.

Saved By The Bell

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Weekend At Bernie's

It's none of the above. Or, rather, it's all of them.

I don't want to go mad attempting to nail this one, so I'm happy to let the Seinfeld logo be the zenith of this particular style; an amalgamation of all the above colourful, angular motifs.

Unless YOU know what it is and let me in on the secret, I'll let it lie. Seinfeld: cultural baggage number 2.