21 June 2016

Ground Control To Colonel Sanders

Tim Peake thinking about a KFC aboard the International Space Station

Nowadays, inspired creativity usually lands on our laps. Whether we get our news from the people we follow, curated content or maybe – like me – still enjoy a good old bookmarking app, like Feedly, grandpa. Other times, we seek it out. Searching, sifting, going down rabbit holes, until we stumble upon something truly marvellous. Sometimes, however, you have to go to Haywards Heath.

After a trip to the Ouse Valley Viaduct (if you haven’t been, go), a stop off on The Heath high street lead me to walk past a certain chicken-in-a-basket joint called KFC. In the window, a poster for their latest volucrine offering: The Supercharger. And on it, the almost magical line:

Leave space for it.

(Respectful silence)

On the weekend that ‘Our Tim’ returned from the International Space Station, this creative from whoever-it-was at Ogilvy won the English language. All copywriters hung up their pens, fingers and keypads. The creative industry permanently closed its doors for business and an ornate ten foot marble full stop was hand carved to mark the spot.

Bus Stop poster for KFC's 'Leave Space For It' campaign
Tactically placed six sheet, near KFC London Road

Like, mildly tolerate or vehemently loathe the brand, this tactical ad for KFC is rather splendid for many reasons. It speaks of the now; for those tuned into Tim Peake’s return, they’ll get it, and – if they’re inclined to frequent KFC – maybe get a burger, too. It speaks for the hungry; requesting that for those who want to, leave space in their wretched little tummy. And it speaks to the greedy; requesting that for those who want to, post massive great chicken filet down their burger hole.

After seeing Mr Peake wolf down a zero gravity tinned bacon sandwich on the tellybox (admittedly created by Heston Blumenthal, but come on, it’s still a TINNED BACON SANDWICH) without any actual mention of, or endorsement from, the astronaut himself, you can quite easily visualise him being jettisoned at 28 800 km/h towards his final dubious goal: KFC.

Stick a fork in the copywriter, they’re done.