18 August 2013

…the art of scaffolding

Left: Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Right: Co-op, London Road, Brighton
Making the most of another sunny day I headed to the Serpentine Gallery, interested to see this year's pavilion, Sou Fujimoto's temporary outdoor structure. 

On arrival I saw latticed steel poles combine with glass panels to create a massive climbing frame/seating area. It was great, kids were clambering over, adults were sipping tea and relaxing. The glass worried me slightly - I envisaged visitors slipping - their tea spilling onto the glass. But then I told myself to get over it. This is ART baby!

The next day, I headed down London Road, Brighton. I hadn't been that way for a while so it was quite something to see the Co-op building demolished, with only the facade in place, supported by a whole load of scaffolding.

What struck me was the visual similarities between this and the Serpentine structure. This was another massive frame of steel poles standing proud against the blue sky. They're both intended to be temporary and, maybe for different reasons, they both caused people to stop, look and take in the sight. 

Fujimoto's structure is a considered an aesthetic piece of art whereas the scaffolding surrounding the former Co-op may be seen, by some, as an eye sore. However, I like to think that art can exist beyond gallery pavilions and can be incorporated in the mundane and everyday.