13 January 2013

...craft worship

Kate Whiteman, kneeler, hassocks, St Peter's church, Firle
Call me a heathen, but I always thought Hassocks was just a village in West Sussex - until I took a trip to Firle that is. Whilst having a wander around the village, my visiting Canadian pal Launa requested we take a look at St Peter's, Firle's 13th century village church. After opening the (very) heavy wooden door and stepping into that unique church stillness, I was struck by rows of colourful scenes cross-stitched into beautiful pew kneelers, giving the church a certain warmth despite the low temperature! Since that initial visit I returned, armed with a camera, as I couldn't resist recording some of my favourites. I also did a little research on them and, as well as finding an excellent database of kneelers recording many examples of this lovely craft, discovered that they're also referred to as 'Hassocks'.

Kate Whiteman, kneelers, hassocks, St Peter's church, Firle