01 June 2011

...the power of copy

Check out the back of this cereal box. I was enjoying a bowl of Weetabix as the day began and, reading its packaging, was reminded how a little bit of copywriting can go a long way in helping people understand what a product is doing without actually telling you what a product is doing.

What Weetabix want to tell me this morning is they're supporting local farmers. The trouble is, anyone in the UK could be reading the box right now, and locality is a relevant thing. So instead of putting themselves in a tight spot, some marvellously marvelistical words are crafted into positively positive, rustic sentences, to make us feel like we're helping our beleaguered farming brothers just down the road, over there, by the oast house. This Weetabix tastes nice and God, I feel really good about myself.

Just a few questions and I'll be on my way.

Where are the farmers local to?
Where is Weetabix country?
Where is the heart of England?
Would I feel as empowered as a citizen that 'thinks global, acts local' if I thought the cereal I eat was 'British' rather than 'local'?